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Qwerty Foods is a home-based food producer. Our products are inspired by our travels where trying new food is our number one agenda.

  • Juan Lyn

    Juan Lyn


    Juan is a self-employed graphic designer who loves to go on cycling tours. This love for cycling also helps her keep in shape with all the new foods she is always sampling. Her favourite part of a meal? Tasting new flavours, experimenting with seasoning and herbs to discover new tastes, and of course dining with friends.

    Udon makes me happy

  • Siew Ching

    Siew Ching

    Kitchen Manager

    A freelance writer, Siew Ching loves spending time in the kitchen cooking up a feast. She discovered her "chef side" while living abroad in London where she was constantly craving home-cooked food. Aside from collecting recipe books, Siew Ching also loves pop-up books. Naturally, a dream book would be a pop-up scratch 'n' sniff recipe book. Her favourite part of a meal prep? Believe it or not - chopping and dicing.

    I am obsessed with chopping boards